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The top 5 most important trends for digital marketing in 2020


Are you trying to keep up with the latest marketing trends so your company can grow its audience? With advertising constantly changing with the advent of social media marketing and e-commerce, keeping up with the latest and hottest trends your business needs can be difficult.

Read on to find out more about the biggest advertising trends we'll see this year so you can get the most from your marketing plan and budget.

1. A more buyable social

Instead of posting on social media to attract your followers to your website, platforms like Instagram make social commerce a lot easier. Social commerce is a post or advertisement that can be bought, meaning that the viewer only has to click on the product tag in the photo to go to the product page and make a purchase on your website.

This makes it as easy as possible for customers to shop with them, an important feature in our society that is based on comfort. The fewer steps you take when buying a product can help reduce the percentage of shopping cart abandonments in your company.

Linking your shop to social media platforms is also fairly easy since Instagram and Facebook link to your e-commerce website. Platforms like Snapchat and Pinterest also introduce this function.

2. Revision of email marketing

Email marketing remains a great way to reach your customers in 2020, but many companies are taking email to a whole new level. Many brands say goodbye to newsletters or simple emails full of text and instead focus on high quality images and graphics. This approach is eye-catching and allows them to quickly scan the information you send them.

Images such as "Shop Now!" Overlaid with interactive call-to-action buttons and “50% off” that customers can click to connect to a specific page on your website is a great way to get someone to make a simple purchase. Creating stunning images and graphics for email marketing is the best way to captivate your subscribers this year.

3. Influencers are still thriving, but in a new way

While influencers will still be a great way to reach new audiences this year, many companies are turning to micro-influencers as well. A micro-influencer is someone with a medium-sized following that is more niche. With the rise of the mega-influencer in recent years, hiring it to market your product can be expensive. Micro influencers are ideal here.

A great way to use micro-influencers is to find one that is more tailored to your audience. This ensures that your influencer and audience are more interested in your brand and products. The micro-influencer is more likely to be in contact with his followers and not overwhelm them with product recommendations.

Another advantage of using micro-influencers is that they have a lot more time to engage with their followers. As engagement rates become more important than ever, this can be a great way to get people to talk about your brand and products.

4. Commitment to the next level

Social media engagement has grown in importance over the years, and companies are taking communications with their customers to a whole new level. Many companies use direct messaging (DM) with customers to become more personal and accessible to their consumers.

This tactic helps increase sales because customers can notify your brand directly to ask questions about products they want to buy. By answering customer questions and concerns, they are much more likely to make a purchase from you and lower your abandoned sales rates. This is a great way to build brand awareness, loyalty and trust among old and new customers.

By providing your customers with a convenient place to contact, it can also be more convenient for your company to resolve these concerns by DM than by phone call and email. When you implement this feature, you will share DM with your followers if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

5. Video marketing is a must

With digital marketing finding new ways to deliver quick, easy, and personal content, it's no surprise that video marketing will become a must for businesses in 2020. Fortunately, social platforms make it much easier to use this marketing strategy. You can avoid building an entire YouTube community, and instead start videos on Instagram and Facebook.

Try posting live broadcasts or video postings to attract your customers. This method is much more compelling, interesting, and eye-catching when viewers scroll their feed.

This is also a great way to pack tons of information without having to give your audience long pages of text. Make sure your team brainstorms on interesting topics and ideas that would appeal to your followers.

There are numerous theme options for video content, e.g. For example, an information video about one of your new products or a look behind the scenes of your office. This type of marketing is so appealing because you become personal with your audience, help them and also involve them in the interaction of your brand.

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Digital advertising trends that you should use in 2020

If you don't already include these advertising trends in your marketing plan, you should start. Make sure your business is at the forefront of its marketing game with these engaging advertising techniques that can help you grow your fan base and customer base.

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