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Labor or working capital are the funds used to run the daily costs and expenses of any business. It is important to have sufficient capital for all of your daily tasks. However, it is important to invest this money in growing your business rather than keeping it in a locker.

Proper working capital management is the equation that consists of two segments. One is understanding how the working capital equation works and another is cutting the costs you can afford to cut it.

On the flip side, some companies view working capital loans as the only way to maintain cash flow consistently. But who lends money to a company and under what conditions? Capital loan transactions, such as Scottish Pacific Business Finance, exist to help other businesses by lending them certain amounts of money to further grow their businesses.

The so-called capital helps any business to fall by lending them the money they need to keep their working capital in check or keep their business growing.

Some lenders are more noteworthy than others for a variety of reasons, and here are the ones that stand out the most:

1. OnDeck Capital Lender for small businesses

OnDeck capital The provider is considered the best choice for small businesses, including retail stores, that need to cover costs incurred during the seasonal fluctuations in sales. This financier offers up to $ 500,000 for maintaining cash flow consistency across your business. OnDeck also offers short and medium term loans and lines of credit for any business that is eligible to borrow the money.

There are several things that small businesses should consider before taking out a loan. Although an OnDeck loan is much more expensive than what the local bank offers, financiers typically have less stringent requirements that businesses must meet in order to obtain the loan.

In addition, their interest rates are very competitive compared to other capital offers. After all, the time it takes to fund the money is much faster than your local bank.

OnDeck packages

Companies can choose from several loan packages offered by OnDeck. The short-term loans are up to USD 500,000. This is an excellent choice if your project has a quick return on investment.

These short term loans have to be paid back between three and twelve months. When you choose this particular loan package, you can finance a marketing campaign, cover unexpected seasonal expenses or even upgrade your business location.

If you are looking to expand your business and buy new inventory and equipment, you can consider a long term loan. The long-term loan package includes up to half a million US dollars that can be repaid between 15 and 36 months. Interest rates for on-deck loans start at an APR of 11%.

It is worth noting that OnDeck has little requirements that borrowers have to meet to get a financial loan. This provider also offers loans to borrowers with incredible amounts low credit scores of 600.

The whole process is precise, easy and quick. You can get the loan within a few days after completing the web application.

2. LoanBuilder, a PayPal small business loan service

PayPal has a lending service called LoanBuilder The offers small business cash loans from USD 5,000 to USD 500,000 for every business purpose you think of.

You can also use the LoanBuilder configuration software to adjust the repayment period to your business needs. Businesses can repay their loans anywhere from 3 to 12 months.

One of the most exciting facts about LoanBuilder is that there are no confusing interest rates and percentage fees that can add up to a larger amount than before.

LoanBuilder simply offers a flat fee with no hidden costs. The only downside to their offer is that even if you repay your loan earlier, the fee must be paid back in full.

LoanBuilder application process

This financier works incredibly quickly – after completing the application, the money you have requested will be available in your account the next working day. Of course, all of this applies in the event that you qualify for a loan. However, your credit requirements are not as high as some others.

All you need is to be in business for at least nine months and have annual sales of USD $ 42,000 or moreand have a personal credit score of at least 550.

Although most industries qualify for LoanBuilder loans, there are a few notable exceptions, such as nonprofits, religious organizations, and companies that specialize in financial services.

3. SmartBiz capital loans for large companies

SmartBiz capital loans Offer borrowers affordable, flexible SBA loans. All you have to do is fill out an online application form that is simple and straightforward. If your business requires working capital, you can apply for a loan of up to USD 350,000 with SmartBiz.

You can use these funds in several ways, such as: For example, by hiring more people, buying new equipment, expanding your business, and even refinancing old business debt. SmartBiz pricing is also incredibly competitive.

The key rates go from 2.75% to 3.75%. The term of the loan repayment is up to 10 years.

Companies with solid credit scores can qualify for an SBA credit at SmartBiz. Some of the requirements include at least two years in business, adequate cash flow, and a personal credit score of at least 650. If your business has had a foreclosure or bankruptcy in the past three years, you can still apply for the loan.

SmartBiz Capital Loans Requirements

If you have applied for government working capital loans or have no outstanding tax liens, you may not be eligible for the loan with SmartBiz.

SmartBiz offers more than you think. In addition to offering substantial working capital loans, the company also offers loans for commercial purposes Real estate investment up to $ 5 million with a repayment schedule of up to 25 years. In addition, SmartBiz offers bank loans with a repayment schedule of two to five years and with interest rates of 6.99%. These loans amount to USD 250,000.

4. BlueVine capital loans for companies with unpaid bills

The BlueVine financier offers up to $ 5M to cover your company's unpaid invoices through its incredible invoice factoring services.

Borrowers can expect up to 90% of their unpaid invoice amount to arrive in the first 24 hours. The prices start at 0.25% of the invoice value per week.

How do I qualify for BlueVine credits?

To qualify for BlueVine's invoice factoring services, your company must operate on B2G or B2B and have all qualified invoices. Your credit score must be at least 530 which is also a must. Additionally, borrowers must have some qualifications if they have been in business in the last three months and have annual sales of at least $ 100,000.

If you are not looking for an advance payment for your unpaid bills, you can also submit an application Term loan up to USD 250,000. The loan is repaid through weekly payments at a fixed price from six to twelve months.

By paying out your credit, the funds are available again, so that BlueVine's offer is much more flexible than that of the others. It is worth noting, however, that the minimum requirements are the same as for the fixed-term loan.

5. American Express working capital loans

As an American Express business card holder, paying off your supplier debt has never been easier than it is today. As a holder of an American Express card, you automatically qualify for Amex & # 39; working capital loanand you can get up to $ 750,000 without going through your credit rating.

The main benefit of Amex's working capital program is that it uses your company's existing data to determine whether you qualify for the loan. If you qualify for the loan, you can get it from anywhere USD $ 1,000 to USD $ 750,000 to pay off your suppliers.

Once approved, Amex pays out the providers immediately and you can repay the loan in installments from one to three months.

A fixed rate of 0.6% -5.25% The basic loan depends on the duration of the repayment period you have chosen. It is worth noting that there are no repayment penalties. The downside, however, is that you have to pay the full interest rate even if you repay your loan early.

This is a perfect way to settle your debt to your suppliers and start over with a clean slate. Given that the repayment schedule is fairly short, you should think before you apply for this type of loan. Do the math and see if you can handle it.

Wrap up

Whether you own a small business struggling to make ends meet or a large company struggling with unpaid invoices and vendors, there is a solution. Funders can help you resolve all of your financial problems quickly and neatly.

However, make sure you qualify as a borrower and see if you are willing to pay the preset interest rates. With careful planning, this is possible and will help your company get back on its feet in no time.


DollarBreak's goal is to empower readers to make better financial decisions. This post may contain affiliate links from our partners who share the same vision. Disclosure.

If you're an avid bookworm, your interest in reading can be used to develop a decent sideline or a new career.

It is possible to get paid for reading books, and we will examine this in more detail.

Get Paid to Read Books by Writing Reviews:

1. Kirkus Media

You may have noticed the name Kirkus Media after looking at Amazon's book pages. This company is one of the most respected sources for book reviews. In fact, the company often provides publishers with blurbs and book details.

Because Kirkus Media is so productive in providing reviews, it is an opportunity to get paid for reading books. The company has an open application for reviewers. This is usually English speaking, but there are often options for Spanish language titles.

The company is looking for appraisers with a keen eye who review experience and have the ability to produce one Checking more than 350 words in two weeks.

Reviews are freelance, so payment may vary. You can expect to make up to $ 50. To apply you will need to provide some writing samples and a resume here.

2. Reedsy Discovery

Reedsy Discovery for book critics

Reedsy Discovery is an industry leader in indie books and offers reviewers the opportunity to read self-published books in public.

You can choose from hundreds of new titles to find an interesting title. There are mystery titles, dystopian fiction and even business books like Jim Irving's The B2B Selling Guidebook.

Once you've made a name for yourself on the platform, you can get in touch directly with writers who would like you to write a review.

There is no compensation structure for your review. However, you can get tips for your time and effort. You may receive $ 1 to $ 5 in recognition for your review.

To apply, you need to set up a profile and fill out a form.

3. US Review of Books

US Book Review Jobs

US Review of Books reviews books nationwide for publication in a monthly newsletter. The review process is very simple: the platform publishes book titles, and you can request reading and assign review.

Reviews are usually 250 to 300 words and you can expect to make $ 5 or more. Payment is made every month by check.

The company is looking for informed opinions and concise writing. To apply to be the US Book Review Reviewer, you must email sample papers, a resume, and two professional references. You can also check out previous book reviews on the website to get an idea of ​​the preferred style.

4. Online book club

Check the books in the online book club

Online Book Club is a reputable platform that immediately warns reviewers that this is not going to be a rich program. But more of a side business for those who love books.

The setup is straightforward and easy to use. You will be given a free copy of a book to review. You can expect $ 5 to $ 60 for your efforts. This is one of the most transparent websites since you know how much you are getting.

The registration process is also easy. All you need to do is provide a valid email address and confirm that you are not a bot. Here you can start the registration process.

5. Publishers Weekly

Freelance book reviewer jobs at Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weeky focuses on publishing books internationally. This is an online magazine that regularly reviews both self-published and traditionally published books.

The platform isn't always open to book reviewers. The jobs are freelance. You will have to check the Jobs page over and over to find a job.

Each position has a job description. So you need to make sure you read it carefully and match your skills and interests.

6. Upwork

Find book review jobs at Upwork

If you're already a freelancer, you are probably already familiar with Upwork. This is one of the largest freelance marketplaces, but it can also be a place where jobs are paid to read books.

You can set up a notification to find freelance book meeting lists. Every job has different requirements and qualifications. This will also be reflected in the remuneration.

For example, a one-time review listing can be for a few dollars. While another may be a long-term appearance where you work with the customer. This could mean hundreds of dollars and a decent side appearance.

In general, listings include details about the book genre, word count, and review style. This will save you the time and effort of posting inappropriate jobs.

To get started, you need to register as an Upwork freelancer. Please refer to the Upwork website for details.

7. Booklist online

Online book list for book critics

Booklist is the American Library Association's highly regarded librarian review journal. This platform offers a number of ways to get paid to read books. Booklist can assign a review of a blog post for The Booklist Reader or a review for the Booklist magazine.

You should be familiar with Booklist and its outlets, including blog, booklist magazine and quarterly book links.

The ratings are usually less than 175 words and you can expect $ 12.50 to $ 15 per review. However, they must be professionally written and follow the guidelines on the book list.

To apply, you must read the full requirements page and contact the appropriate editor. Be ready to submit written samples to aid your application.

8. Instaread

Get paid to read books on Instaread

If you're not interested in writing a critical view of books, Instaread is a great option. There is often an open call for instaread book summaries. These summarize the “most important findings” of both new and classic non-fiction books.

Summaries must be 1,000 to 1,500 words long to be longer than the average book review. However, you can receive $ 100 for every summary.

For this high rate, you need to be familiar with the style you want. Instaread has a style guide to help reviewers. You can also download the Instaread app to read previous reviews.

9. Written books

Get paid to read books about literary books

Writerful Books is a full authoring service company. It has everything for writers, from beta reading to book reviews. The company often has open positions for book reviewers.

Reviews must be at least 350 words. However, you can review practically any book you like. Writerful Books favors award-winning contemporary writers from America, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland and New Zealand.

There is no guarantee of a regular paid performance. However, trusted reviewers can receive $ 10 to $ 50 per review. Additionally, Writerful Books is giving its top reviewer a $ 100 Amazon Gift Certificate.

To learn more about this role and how to become a trusted reviewer, visit the Writerful Books website.

10. getAbstract

GetAbstract Books Review Jobs is Legit

If you're an avid nonfiction reader, getAbstract is a great way to get paid to read books. This page brings together thousands of non-fiction books Bite for 10 minutes.

Their careers page often features entries for reviewers and authors. These opportunities often include technology and science writing. You may be given the task of summarizing the latest articles in magazines or new books.

getAbstract pays freelance appraisers. So you need to check the specific jobs to confirm that you are happy with the proposed rate.

11. Wellesly centers for women

Freelance book review jobs at Wellesly Centers For Women

The Wellesly Center for Women conducts book review for women. This is a feminist magazine with a 36 year history. The company is always looking for new reviewers so that you can get paid to read books.

Many of his writers are journalists, academics, or seasoned book reviewers, so qualifying can be a little tricky. However, if you qualify, you can count on it Up to $ 100 per review.

To apply you will need to send an email with a writing sample and your credentials. More details about the platform can be found here.

12. Any reference books

Review books on any subject book

Any Subject Books is a self-publishing service, but also hires book reviewers. The company seeks honest, objective, and in-depth reviews. You can also review books in your preferred genre. This is how you can get paid to read books you enjoy.

The ratings are freelance so the financial rewards will vary based on the length and complexity of the task.

Unfortunately, Any Subject Books doesn't always have current book review vacancies. So you need to check in regularly to see when applications are open.

Get paid to read audiobooks

13. ACX

How to review books at ACX

If you're unfamiliar with your writing skills but still want to get paid to read books, consider ACX. ACX is a marketplace that connects audiobook authors, publishers and storytellers.

You can choose the tracks you want to audition for and there is an unlimited number of potential performances.

You can choose one Hourly rate paid when you complete the project or Share the sales fees with the rights holder.

To get started, you need to set up a profile and upload some examples to audition for gigs. More information about how ACX works can be found here.

14. Ear works

Get paid to read books at Ear Works

Ear Works is a platform of voice talent professionals who cast their voices for commercials, podcasts, audiobooks and other narrative. Just like with ACX, if you have a great speaking voice, you can get paid to read books aloud.

The company isn't just looking for a classy voice, they are looking for a normal, real voice that sounds like a believable person. However, there are a few prerequisites for becoming a speaker at Ear Works.

This includes availability Monday through Friday during normal business hours. You must also be able to create professional-quality MP3 files.

The full requirements are listed on the website. If you meet the requirements, you will need to apply for a registration form. The prices depend on the project and your professional experience.


Read audiobooks on and get paid

Another way to add your voice to audiobooks and other storytelling projects is through The company offers opportunities for seasoned professionals and beginners in the industry. publishes jobs on its website at different rates. It's possible to earn up to $ 200 an hour.

However, you can set your preferred tariff so that you don't have to work with a tariff lower than what you think is fair.

Creating a Voices account only takes a few minutes. You need to provide a valid email address and provide some examples to attract customers.

Once you have some experience, there is potential Earn hundreds of dollars about your other obligations.

16. Snapshots

Audiobook reading jobs at Snap Recordings

Snap Recordings is different from the other Voice Talent platforms listed here. While audiobooks are occasionally recorded, many recordings are voice messages for different companies. This includes greetings, voice announcements and waiting messages.

You can register on the Snap Recordings website. You will need to provide your name, email address, location and the languages ​​spoken.

There is also the option to add a voice demo. The The average price is $ 30 per hourHowever, this may vary depending on the project specification.

17. Voice bunny

How to get paid for reading books at Voice Bunny

Voice Bunny offers concerts in English and other languages. You can set your own rate and customers can book you when they view your profile. Depending on the project, the Voice Bunny system calculates a personalized reward.

This can be a great way to get paid to read books and other materials. However, Voice Bunny did strict requirements. This includes the use of pro-standard audio equipment.

You will receive payment for each result that is approved by the quality control team. This includes submissions that a client rejects.

You can log in to the website and create a profile. They are visible to potential customers and receive invitations to competitions and other promotions that can increase your earnings.

Get “paid” with free books

18. Search the book

How to Get Free Books from Book Browse

Book Browse operates the First Impressions program, which allows members to receive extended reader copies (ARCs) of books before they are published.

There are up to six titles per month. You can choose to read and review each one by simply replying to the member's newsletter.

However, you need to act quickly as a book search has only 25 copies of each book. If you match a book, your review must be 100 to 300 words.

Unfortunately, you will not receive any financial reward for your review. But you will keep the book. Visit the Book Browse website for more information on this process.

19. NetGalley

Check out books and read for free at NetGalley

If you love the idea of ​​being a book review influencer, then you should consider NetGalley. This is a service that connects reviewers with authors and publishers. It gives you the opportunity to read books before their release date.

The NetGalley concept is straightforward. Publishers put digital review copies of books on the website. Members can request to read and review them.

As with Book Browse, there is no financial reward. However, you can keep the books that you have read and reviewed. NetGalley can join for free using this form. There is also a full FAQ page if you want to learn more about the platform and how it works.

20. Tyndale Blog Network

Get free books from the Tyndale Blog Network

Tyndale Blog Network operates the My Reader Rewards Club. This program has an innovative reward system that allows you to get paid for reading books. Members can earn points You can share a link or invite a friend to join actions on the site.

If you write a review on certain dealer websites, you will get 10 points. After earning points, books can be obtained from the Tyndale shelves. This may not be direct income, but if most of your paycheck goes into books, this could be a good option for you.

For more information on membership benefits, please visit the Tyndale FAQ page.

21. Moody Press

Check the pages and get free books at Moody Press

Moody Press is a nonprofit organization. This company publishes resources for Bible studies and Christian titles. If you find this niche interesting, you can join the Blogger Review Program.

As a participant, you will receive free copies of the Moody Press books. You must leave an honest review within 60 days.

Unfortunately, You do not receive any payment for your report. However, you will receive a free book. If you find this genre interesting, it's a great way to get access to some great titles.

You can learn more about the verification program and start the login process on the website.

22. Bethany House

Review books on Bethany House

Bethany House is another company that focuses on the publication of books on historical Christianity. If this is a niche that interests you, this could be a way to get free books.

Reviewers must have their own blog and can post Bethany House reviews on it. Your ratings must be a at least 75 words without a plot summary. You must also publish them on your personal blog and on retailer websites such as Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

The company sends out a list of fiction and non-fiction books for review each month. Ratings are given based on availability. When approved, you will receive a copy of the book for review.

More information on Bethany House titles can be found here. As with Tyndale, you don't receive formal payment for your reviews, but you do receive free books.

23. Chicago Book Review

Check out books at Chicago Book Review and get free books

This popular literature page aims to highlight the Chicago publishing world and the “great books it produces”. The website features reviews from over 100 Chicago book publishers.

Reviewers must devote themselves to creating high-quality, well-written and well-considered reviews that go far beyond "what a good book".

You don't get a formal payment for your review, but you do get free books from some of Chicago's best publishers.

24. New pages

New pages of books about jobs

If the idea of ​​writing long reviews is a little daunting for you, consider New Pages. This is an internet portal for independent publishers, small presses and literary magazines.

The ratings are usually 100 to 200 words. They can appear in any recent book or literary magazine you've read. Ideally, these should come from small presses or even obscure magazines.

Although there is currently no payment structure in place, the website will give you fame and honor.

You can view the reviewer's guidelines and filing information on the website.

25. Publisher & # 39; s Marketplace

Freelance Review Jobs at Publishers Marketplace

If you have the idea of ​​reading manuscripts you should consider the Publisher’s Marketplace. This company has an extensive job exchange and there are usually at least a few ways you can get paid to read books.

This work is usually freelance, so the remuneration varies depending on the project. However, it can be a great way to read interesting materials before they're even published.

You can search the job board here, but you will need to register to get full job details.

Can You Make Money Reading Books?

Many review sites only offer free books as rewards for reading and reviewing books. However, there are some websites that offer real payment for your time and effort. Of course, you'll need to spend a little time exploring the different platforms to figure out which are best for your skills.

If you're a confident writer and enjoy reading books, there's nothing stopping you from making this your next side appearance!


Last updated on July 21, 2020

The goal of DollarBreak is to give readers the opportunity to make better financial decisions. This post may contain affiliate links from our partners who share the same vision. Disclosure.

One of the biggest decisions a couple makes when planning their wedding is the location for the ceremony and reception.

According to, Couples spend an average of $ 9,000 on the wedding venue alone.

Even if your budget is tighter than your wedding attire, you can find a venue that suits both your bank account and your personal style by exploring some non-traditional options.

Our guide to finding unique and affordable wedding venues should help you Modern brides use places they may not have considered. Here you will find everything you need to know to get started.

Why go to a non-traditional place?

What are non-traditional wedding venues?

Not traditional Wedding venues offer many benefits for couples on a budget. Since most of the options we cover here are not usually used for weddings, You don't pay seasonal premiums or prices that depend on the wedding industry.

A secondary advantage lies in the planning category. Most of the destinations on this list never have the same competitive booking practices as typical wedding venues. In essence, a non-traditional venue means that you get the blessing of flexibility.

When looking for affordable wedding venues, be ready to adopt an opportunistic mindset. You want to search for events and areas that meet your needs at the most basic level.

You may need to reevaluate what the functional definition of a wedding is for you, but what you lose in tradition can often – to a large extent – gain in the atmosphere and freedom to be creative.

Here are some great examples that are becoming increasingly popular with price-conscious brides.


If you and your partner are festival goers or love music in general, this can be a great option for your wedding ceremony. You can use the already energetic atmosphere and have a sea of ​​integrated entertainment.

Jamming with some of the most sought-after musicians of the genre is just an additional magical level for any wedding that your guests won't forget easily.

The cost of this festival can vary a lot depending on which festival you are aiming for and how expensive your wedding ceremony has to be.

If you are planning a festival wedding, you should contact the festival organizers and see if you can work with them to organize your ceremony.

Many festivals will go far beyond that to help you create a magical event, and occasionally your request will be so unique that Much of the logistics can be done for you practically free of charge.


Campsites are the perfect wedding venue for couples who love nature. You can recite your wedding vows and create memories in a natural setting that provides a quirky backdrop for your photos.

You can even enjoy your first night as a couple under the stars.

According to, The average campsite only costs $ 24 to $ 90 for two nights. Compared to the cost of $ 9,000 for the traditional wedding venue, a campsite could be a huge savings for most couples and bring about a beautiful ceremony.

Surprise weddings

While this may not be a venue in itself, surprise weddings are a fun and non-traditional way to get married while saving a lot of money.

Just invite your close friends and relatives to a birthday party or dinner party and surprise them with a sudden wedding ceremony for a few laughs and great memories.

Weddings offer you the opportunity to complete the formalities of a traditional ceremony and instead marry with an abbreviated "worship" and focus on the subsequent celebration.

You can book an officer and a restaurant and get married between a starter and main course or take your vows with a drink in your favorite bar.

What to look for when looking for an affordable wedding location

Affordable wedding venues

There are a few important things to consider when researching an affordable wedding location. has listed some great tips to help couples choose the perfect wedding location, and we've narrowed the list down to the three most valuable.

Know Your Budget

Because affordability is an important factor when choosing your venue, you should keep an eye on your budget. If you find a place that may work, remember to consider the cost of decorations and other specific adjustments that the space may need.

Understand the size of your guest list

This tip is especially important if you want to get married in a non-traditional place. Determine whether the venue matches your guest list or not. If this is not the case, a completed guest list will help you decide whether you need to reduce the list or enlarge the venue.

Talk to a wedding planner

If there is space in your budget, you should consult a wedding planner. Wedding planners are experienced enough to know the best venues that meet all of your needs. And, They can even help you find unusual places This will delight your guests and stay within your budget.

Find a venue online

Affordable wedding venues are easier than ever to find with the emergence of relevant marketplaces. This means creative venues and on-demand offerings are just a search away.

There are several digital platforms that can help you find a wedding location. These are some of our favorites.

Wedding locations online is a website that helps users find places to host their events, including weddings. The site first asks where you want to host your event and starts from there. The simple user interface should make finding a venue fairly easy.

To find a perfect, affordable wedding venue on, use the filters and the results based on the number of guests, how guests stay in the event (sitting or standing), the venue budget, and location.

With the advanced parameters, you can also select the event type, including weddings. However, if you find a good option Be sure to contact the owner of the room and start a discussion about the wedding. You will be surprised at how helpful people can be.

How to find wedding venue online

Similar to, is a website that hosts venues for various occasions. It is similar in the sense that you can use different search parameters to find your ideal venue.

When searching on, first indicate that you want to book a wedding location. To do this, click on "Show all activities" on the "Book a unique place for your activity" tab on the start page. Then locate and select the Wedding tab.

From there, you can browse the recommended venues that appear on the landing page or search for custom filters.

Don't be afraid to look for other types of events. Non-traditional weddings fit a variety of venues. The less typical the place, the less likely you will pay.

How to rent a wedding venue through Airbnb

By now most of you are probably wondering, “Can you have a wedding with one? Airbnb? "And the answer is yes! While the platform is widely known for providing travelers with affordable accommodations, Airbnb also hosts a large number of wedding venues.

It's actually pretty easy to find a venue with Airbnb. All you have to do is enter the date and place where you want to hold your wedding, enter 16 as the number of guests for maximum occupancy and activate the "Suitable for events" option under Equipment. That's pretty much it.

If you get some results that meet the criteria specified for your venue, you should start a dialogue with the owner before booking. They can often provide tremendous support in planning and preparing for the wedding.

Airbnb locations may not be as large as entire cathedrals, but the platform offers great locations for small weddings.

Other ways to find affordable venues

Budget friendly wedding venues

If you just can't find the right place online, there are other ways to find great wedding venues.

Use personal connections

Using personal connections is a convenient way to find an affordable wedding location. Ask your friends and family for recommendations and Don't discount the idea of ​​a backyard wedding. They can be breathtaking and practically free.

Hire a wedding planner

One of the biggest advantages of this method is that, in addition to locating the venue, wedding planners also offer many other services, making the wedding preparations much easier overall.

Wedding planners will find a great venue for you that is not listed online and may save you money. Setting aside a budget for a wedding planner can have a bigger impact on your budget than you might think. So it's worth investigating.

Where you can reduce your wedding budget to make room for a more expensive venue

How to reduce the wedding budget

Have you ever wondered what percentage of a wedding budget should be spent on the venue? The answer, according to around 50 percent If you want to spend half of your budget on the venue, you may find that some cuts are needed elsewhere.

These are the most cost-effective areas to access when working with your wedding budget.

guest list

Probably the easiest way to cut your wedding expenses is to accommodate fewer guests. According to a study by The knotCouples spend an average of $ 258 per guest on a wedding. With an average of 136 guests per wedding, that's a lot of money.

Wedding theme

The theme of the wedding affects the total cost. For example, hosting a fancy wedding with a formal reception costs a lot more than, for example, a casual wedding that takes place in a movie theater or in a friend's backyard.


Flowers are an important cost center for many weddings. Rescaling the flowers is an easy way to save costs, and a creative place can limit the need for everyone together.


Tablecloths, centerpieces and surrounding decor can quickly increase your costs. And much of it cannot be rented, which means that you will stick to it after the wedding. Try to use items that you and your loved ones already have and choose a venue that needs minimal decoration.

How do you find an affordable wedding venue?

They're not as hard to come by as you might have thought. Use of a non-traditional venue can help you organize the wedding of your dreams on a budget that you can actually afford.

Think of all the tips and tricks we've worked through in this article and you will find your ideal location in no time.


Last updated on July 21, 2020

The goal of DollarBreak is to give readers the opportunity to make better financial decisions. This post may contain affiliate links from our partners who share the same vision. Disclosure.

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau 50 million American adults had no credit in 2015. and 26 million of these had no credit history at all. This could cause a problem for many potential tenants.

When renting an apartment to new tenants, a landlord is likely to conduct a credit check. If you have a poor man Credit scorea landlord is less likely to rent to you. If you don't have a credit history, you probably have the same problem.

If you keep hitting a wall with landlords as soon as they find that you have no credit rating, you will probably feel demoralized. Continuous rejection does that. It doesn't have to be that way. If you understand how to get an apartment with no credit rating, rejections from landlords are a thing of the past.

Read on to learn how to turn your lack of credit into positive and how to convince landlords to rent to you.

Why don't you have a credit history?

What is included in the credit history

A credit history is a record of your financial life. This contains:

  • All debts and credits that you had
  • The amounts you borrowed
  • Your repayment documents
  • How much credit do you have and how much have you used?
  • Your short-term liabilities

Your credit rating also includes information about whether you were bankrupt, mortgages or judgments against you, the credit cards you held, etc.

If you have never had a loan, credit card, or other form of borrowing, you have no credit history.

Why landlords don't like to rent to tenants with no credit rating

The credit bureaus evaluate your creditworthiness and your current financial situation. If you made late payments to credit accounts or did not take out a loan, your score will decrease. The lower your credit rating, the higher the risk you take.

As a rule, landlords want to rent to tenants with one above average credit score. According to Experian, the average FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) credit score in the United States is 703 on a scale between 300 and 850.

Without a credit history, you have no creditworthiness. Landlords do not have a benchmark against which to measure because they have not paid their debts on time in the past. For many landlords, no credit history means trouble.

Be positive to find out how to get an apartment with no credit rating

How do I get an apartment with no credit rating?

You can overcome a landlord's negativity by positively assessing your lack of creditworthiness. You are not alone either. According to Research by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 50 million American adults had no credit in 2015, and 26 million of them had no credit at all.

If you are in the same boat with millions of others, you should be comfortable. How is it that so many others can rent an apartment without a credit rating? What's your secret

Part of their success is due to the fact that they turn what landlords view as negative into something positive. You can also. Point out that you have no credit because you have never had a credit rating. You have never been in debt and you are not now in debt. All of your earnings or other earnings can be used exactly as you wish – including paying the rent on time every month.

9 strategies to overcome negative landlords when you have no credit rating

After you have informed your potential landlord more positively about your lack of creditworthiness, it is time to close the deal.

Here are nine strategies that will help you do this.

1. Provide a co-signer

Best tactic to avoid overcoming creditworthiness

this is that best strategy to get an apartment if you have no credit rating. A co-signer guarantees your rent. It is powerful. If you can't pay, there is someone who does.

A co-signer is usually a parent, brother or sister. Whoever you ask, the co-signer should have good credit – otherwise his guarantee is not worth the paper it is written on.

If you ask someone to be a co-signer, make sure they know their responsibilities. If you are in default with the rent or the landlord wants to vacate it, the creditworthiness of your co-signer can be damaged.

Do not take your co-signer on a ride. Even if your rent is guaranteed, your friendship could not be.

If you can't get a friend or family member to sponsor you, there are companies that act as guarantors. However, according to Naked Apartments, companies like Guarantee for insured leasing contracts and The guarantors You may have to earn more than 27.5 times the monthly rent.

2. Get a tenant

Two tenants could be better than one. Double the earnings a landlord should feel more comfortable. However, you must follow the same rule as a co-signer – your co-tenant must have good credit.

Again, you should make sure that your tenant is happy with the agreement. If you cannot pay half of the rent, the landlord can request this from the co-tenant. If they can't afford your share, their credit rating could jump.

3. Show the landlord the money – step 1

How to quickly rent an apartment without a credit score

Take our word for it, your word will not be enough to secure an apartment from a dubious landlord. It doesn't matter that you've explained why you don't have a credit history. The landlord wants to see proof that you are a good bet financially.

What could be nicer than proving your income? Collect your paychecks for the past three to six months and show them to the landlord. Most landlords want those of their tenants Income to cover rent three times or more – If you can show this, you are on the way to landing this apartment.

4. Show the landlord the money – step 2

If you have other regular earnings, savings, or investments, take them with you. Knowing that you have money behind you often shifts the balance in your favor.

If you lose your job or have a bad month, the landlord knows that you can still pay by other means.

5. Pay the landlord a larger deposit

Landlords pay a deposit to ensure they have their money if they damage you or fail to pay your rent when you leave the property. If you offer to make a higher down payment, this is an additional security for the landlord.

If you choose this strategy, you should:

  • Make sure your agreement is written the way you want it to be. For example, if you pay an additional two-month rent as a deposit, you can request that it be used as rent for the last two months of your rental period.
  • Make sure you can afford the down payment. Will you lack emergency savings?

If you borrow family or friends' deposit money, remember that they have to be repaid. Calculate your finances before offering a higher deposit and don't let others down. You will find one List of maximum security deposits that landlords can accept here.

6. Offer to move in quickly

How to convince the landlord to rent without credit

Empty real estate costs the landlords serious money. Every week in which your apartment remains unoccupied, a week's rental income is lost. You probably have to pay a mortgage. Then there are the electricity bills and property taxes.

The offer to move in immediately could affect your decision. Especially when the apartment was empty and idle for a while.

7. Rent for a shorter term

You can offer to rent for a shorter term than that "Standard" 12 months. You could call it a court hearing to help the landlord build trust in you as a tenant.

With a shorter rental period of three or six months, the landlord takes less risk. You have the opportunity to prove that you are a good tenant who takes care of the apartment and never misses a rental payment. When it comes to the end of the lease, the landlord is more likely to extend it.

One variation is to request a monthly lease. This is more flexible for both you and the landlord, although they may charge a higher rent because you may be leaving on short notice.

8. Don't forget references

It is likely that the landlord will request references from your employer and, if you have previously rented, from your previous landlord. If you're a student, ask professors, tutors, and college administrators for references.

If you can, Request written references you can take it with you when you meet the landlord. This can help the landlord make a quicker decision to rent to you.

9. Rent from an independent landlord

Real estate management companies and condominium companies are likely to have strict rules about who they rent to. Independent landlords are usually more flexible. If you use some of the strategies described above, your lack of credit rating is more likely to subside.

Get the dream apartment!

How to rent an apartment with no credit rating

Do not be discouraged by a landlord who rejects your application. What do you know? You know that you will make a good, reliable tenant. There are more and more apartments to rent.

Whatever the reason, you have no credit rating, don't let that stop you. Now you know how to get an apartment without a credit history and are ready to secure your dream apartment.

To overcome the negative prejudices of landlords, stay positive and use one or more of the above strategies to alleviate the landlord's fear of renting to a tenant with no credit history. You will soon go to your own home – and that is a great feeling.


Last updated on July 21, 2020

The goal of DollarBreak is to give readers the opportunity to make better financial decisions. This post may contain affiliate links from our partners who share the same vision. Disclosure.

With the mass adoption of budgeting apps, tracking our finances is easier than ever. In fact, more and more people – especially the younger generations – have started to manage their finances with the utmost precision.

According to, 74% of consumers ages 23 to 38 use a budget. This statistic is due to the rise of fintech and budgeting platforms like Mint and EveryDollar.

In this debate by EveryDollar vs. Mint, Which offers the most functions and the best service? We'll look at where each of these apps shines and how they stack up against each other so you can decide which one is right for your needs.

An overview of EveryDollar

Founded by finance guru Dave Ramsey himself, EveryDollar is a budgeting service based on Dave Ramsey's financial planning method – especially his 7 small steps to financial freedom.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, EveryDollar is designed to support a step-by-step approach to getting out of debt. The process begins with saving $ 1000 as an emergency fund. The app helps users get there faster with visualized goals and helpful tips.

With these 7 steps, EveryDollar offers valuable budgeting tools, feature-rich expense planners and a visually appealing user interface Manage your money simple and inspiring.

With the app’s spending tracker, you can monitor and control your spending throughout the month. Users enter transaction data manuallyand the system does the rest.

If you like what you get from the basic service, you can choose EveryDollar Plus. But how much does EveryDollar Plus cost? The service costs $ 129 a year and offers additional benefits like syncing your credit card transactions and better customer support.

What distinguishes mint?

A leader in budgeting platform business for over a decade, mint has provided Probably the most feature-rich budgeting services available in the App Store since 2006.

The platform is owned by Intuit, the same company that owns other business-related platforms such as TurboTax and QuickBooks.

Mint features include visualized expense tracking, customizable alerts, invoice payment options, recommended financial products, and East to help you set budgets. However, the three most valuable services are:

Information about all of your accounts

Mint offers one comprehensive analysis of your finances When users link financial accounts to the platform for easy tracking.

Debits and credits from all accounts are summarized in clear diagrams. The platform sends you notifications as you approach your budget thresholds for each account.

Mint not only covers your checking account and credit cards. The platform offers investment tracking and many invoice payment features when you link your relevant accounts.

Smart budgeting services

Mint's budgeting tools can help you improve your budgeting efforts. Based on your spending history, Mint recommends offers, promotions, and financial products that can save you money.

With the budgeting tools, you can limit your expenses, set savings goals and "reserve" money for upcoming expenses.

Free credit score tracking

The platform is an exclusive feature of Mint and enables you Check your estimated credit score at any time.

According to Experian, The average American credit score is 703. If your credit score fluctuates, it can affect your ability to qualify for loans, mortgages, and even jobs. Mint helps you keep track of changes and avoid fraud through frequent warnings.

To get started with Mint, simply log in with your email address and link your financial accounts to the app. Mint securely retrieves and uses your financial information to analyze spending trends, provide budget breakdowns, send you notifications, and more.

Comparison of EveryDollar Vs. mint

EveryDollar and Mint are both effective budgeting tools, but they offer different services for different objectives. To get an idea of ​​which platform is the best budgeting app, we'll look at some key features of these apps and find out which one stands out.

It is important to note that while one platform is better than the other in one aspect, it does not do it objectively.


Both Mint and the basic EveryDollar service can be used free of charge as long as you want.

EveryDollar offers a premium service for $ 129 a year, but users can use the app for free for a lifetime. Although this additional service may be beneficial to some, we will only compare the basic service from EveryDollar and the free functional suite from Mint.


Overall, Mint has a lot more budgeting and analysis features than the free version of EveryDollar, but each platform has its own advantages. Let's take a look at those who stand out.

Budgeting tools

If both platforms have one thing in common, they have a number of basic budgeting tools. You can manually add expenses and transactions, as well as planned costs for upcoming periods.

EveryDollar has presets for these transactions, while Mint allows you to fully customize your own categories.

Both apps offer invoice tracking and “goals” that you can use to put money aside for the future. EveryDollar presents users with a number of challenges to put them in an ideal position to pay off debt, while Mint focuses primarily on budgeting to get the most out of your money.

Automated spending tracking

However, things start to differ between the two competitors when you take note of the other features. EveryDollar only supports linking your credit card in the Plus version With Mint you can link all your financial accounts for free.


Mint is backed by industry-leading security features that support a variety of other financial products.

While EveryDollar does not offer the same history and security as Mint, the need for strict security measures is mitigated by the fact that you manually enter your transactions into EveryDollar. No account linking required.

According to InvestorJunkie, Mint's 2-factor authentication process makes the platform relatively secure for users.

Security is an important factor to consider when using financial technology products. However, both Mint and the free version of EveryDollar use strict measures to protect your data.

user interface

Mint offers visually appealing reporting functions. You can look back on your expenses or plan your budgets with various visual charts such as pie charts and bar charts that help you understand trends at a glance.

EveryDollar doesn't have that many reporting features, but it does provide a visual representation of your savings and progress toward your goals.


With all the features available for Mint, isn't Mint the best finance app? Well, not necessarily. Since both Mint and EveryDollar can be used for free, these apps can only make a profit through online advertising.

Ads on mint are very eye-catching and can be intrusive at times. Although the ads are tailored to provide services that meet your budget goals, they're still annoying and, unfortunately, so too You cannot pay your way out of these ads.

On the other hand, EveryDollar's ad system is much cleaner. Instead of the usual number of ads that you see on many other websites, EveryDollar supports some of them local providers with pop-up text blocks that look more pleasing to the eye than pictures and eye-catching text.


Another limitation for an otherwise strong platform is Mint's customer support. The support team offers mediocre help at best for those who request it, and in some cases problems remain unsolved for long periods of time.

EveryDollar only offers email support for users of the free version, but you can get one dedicated calls to their support team if you subscribe to Plus.

And even if you're not looking forward to the added service, EveryDollar's email support is well rated and seems to solve problems with reasonable efficiency.

Your goals determine what you need from an app

While Mint may offer more specific features than EveryDollar, it is important to understand your driving purpose when using these budgeting tools. When you come to terms with your goals, you can decide which app best suits your needs.

If your overall goal is to see your money more clearly and comprehensivelyThen Mint would be the better budgeting app for you. Thanks to the extensive functions and the easy-to-understand reporting functions, you can easily and conveniently track your expenses.

Alternative, if your goal is to get out of debt and use Dave Ramsey's methodEveryDollar's focus on the 7 baby steps gives you the direction you need to manage your finances.

The platform is designed to help people take control of their money, a feature that Mint lacks.

Dave Ramsey fans should also consider EveryDollar over Mint by default. The tips and suggestions on debt repayment offered by the platform are more relevant and easier to follow than the way Mint stores information about users.

EveryDollar Vs. Mint – which is right for you?

Mint and EveryDollar are both fantastic budgeting apps that can help you with budgeting and financial planning. Mint offers a more feature-rich experience with the decline of ads and mediocre support, while EveryDollar offers a simple but effective service in its free version.

If you just want digestible information about all of your financial accounts and expenses, go for mint. Otherwise, try EveryDollar if you need help with a debt problem or are just an avid Dave Ramsey fan.

Regardless of which platform you end up choosing, using a budget is a big step forward, and you should be proud to have taken this first step towards financial stability.

Are you looking for more budgeting apps? Check out 10 best budgeting apps for personal finance [2020 list].


Last updated on July 16, 2020

The goal of DollarBreak is to give readers the opportunity to make better financial decisions. This post may contain affiliate links from our partners who share the same vision. Disclosure.

While gift cards are great, a lot of people looking for a side appearance want to make money.

Here I will examine the websites that offer surveys that are paid through PayPal.

29 websites that pay via PayPal

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a popular GPT site (for which you get paid) where SBs can collect the platform's points for a variety of activities. You get 1 SB for watching 6 videos. You can also earn SBs for online shopping, taking surveys, and surfing the web.

There is only ONE Minimum withdrawal of $ 5You can receive a PayPal payment or choose from a selection of gift cards. So far, Swagbucks has paid over $ 300 million Platform users and users praise how quickly they receive their PayPal payments.

2nd SurveyJunkie

Survey junkie online surveys

Many consider Survey Junkie to be one of the most trusted platforms and a great way to get PayPal payments. You can be paid for your honest opinions that help brands improve their products and services.

Once you've signed up, you can start earning money and completing surveys that Survey Junkie matches your personal profile. You can see how many points you earn for each survey and estimate how much time is required before you start. This can help you develop a strategy to maximize your earnings. You will earn $ 1 per 100 pointsand you can get a PayPal payment or a gift card.

3rd InboxDollars

InboxDollars Paid Surveys

With InboxDollars, like Swagbucks, you can collect points for a variety of tasks. You can watch videos and earn a penny or two. You can also increase your earnings by completing surveys, downloading apps, or accepting free offers to earn points. It is possible to search through all available surveys and offers in your InboxDollars dashboard, making it easy to use.

InboxDollars uses the information you provide when registering to tailor surveys and offers to your demographic data. However, since there are new surveys every week, it's easy to collect points regularly. There are various withdrawal options, including PayPal, check, and gift cards.

4th MyPoints

MyPoints Eran by completing surveys

MyPoints is another popular GPT site that has paid out over $ 200 million to its users. You can get some points for watching videos. Earn more points for playing and taking surveys. There's also cashback when you shop at popular retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

Shopping cashback is a great way to increase your points balance. The amount varies, but some retailers offer 15 points for every dollar you spend. You can also get bigger points for promotions like buying flowers on Valentine's Day.

While the minimum payment level for gift cards is lower, you can also get PayPal payments. You need 3,970 points for a PayPal payment of $ 25However, this can be done in a few weeks if you participate in the various tasks.

5. PrizeRebel

How to earn with PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is a free platform like MyPoints, InboxDollars and Swagbucks that allows you to collect points by completing various tasks. You can earn about 0.5 points per video. You can also collect points with paid and free offers and take surveys.

The transparent platform makes it easy to see which items are offered and how much time you need for each task. This helps in creating a strategy by selecting the higher paying and interesting tasks.

You can also increase your earnings with the referral scheme and earn 20 percent of the earnings from your referral. The minimum payout for gift cards is $ 2, but a modest payout is required for PayPal payments $ 5 payout.

6. Vindale Research

Best paid online surveys

With Vindale Research, you can make money by watching videos. As a rule, these are short advertisements with a duration of less than one minute. You will receive approximately $ 0.05 each

Vindale Research also allows users to complete surveys on a PC or mobile device. The platform has hundreds of new surveys every week, making it easy to find work consistently. The company compares surveys with the personal information you provided during the registration process. You can wait for an email notification about a poll or browse the polls on your dashboard.

Although the minimum payout is a fairly high $ 50, you can claim your earnings with a PayPal wire transfer or gift cards from a list of popular retailers.

7. Surveys2Cash

Is Surveys2Cash worth a try?

Although the registration process is similar to many of the GPT websites listed here, Surveys2Cash is a survey aggregator. This means that you can access different tasks, including watching videos from different platforms in one place. When you sign up, you have a Surveys2Cash dashboard that you can use to find some great surveys and offers.

While it is possible to find all the different platforms yourself, Surveys2Cash offers a convenient way to have them all in one place.

You can also try out new products and services through links to third-party offerings for additional bonuses. You can then receive your rewards through PayPal or with an Amazon gift card.

8th Rewardz survey

Is Survey Rewardz Surveys a Good Thing?

Survey Rewardz is a simple survey page that allows you to easily identify suitable tasks and make money in your free time. After you complete each task, the rewards will appear on your dashboard so you can track your earnings.

The platform also has a very low payout for PayPal redemption only $ 1. There is also an option to redeem your earnings for gift cards from popular brands such as Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart.


Is AmericanConsumerOpinion one of the best survey sites?

ACOP (American Consumer Opinions) has millions of members and a solid online reputation. You get points for every task. Shorter tasks with up to 50 points, but there is the possibility of longer surveys with thousands of points. You can also increase your income with the referral program.

Each point is worth a penny and the payout threshold is reasonable 1,000 points. You can redeem your earnings through PayPal, but you can also exchange your points for entries in the competitions or donate them to charity.

10. GG2U

Summary of the GG2U survey page

While GG2U is a relatively young platform, it has a solid reputation in the online community, which makes it a solid selection of platforms that offer surveys that are paid through PayPal. You can earn money by taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, and signing up for free or paid third-party offers.

Surveys usually offer up to $ 1.50 eachYou can also earn 5 percent of referral earnings. So you can increase your income by sharing the platform with your family and friends.

11. YouGov

Is YouGov the best survey site?

YouGov is one of the world's leading research companies with millions of members. As a member, you will receive a notification about new surveys that match your demographics. Surveys can take up to 15 minutes to pay off up to $ 1.50 each.

What is special about YouGov, however, is that members rarely receive an invitation to an inadequate survey, which practically eliminates the frustration of the screening.

12. Pine cone research

Pinecone Research online survey page

Pinecone Research is a reputable platform that requires an invitation. You can find invitation links on various websites or fill out an inquiry form on the Pinecone Research website.

You can make money by testing products and filling out surveys. The rates tend to be higher than many other survey platforms, and you can expect Up to $ 5 for each completed survey.

However, Pinecone also offers loyalty rewards. The longer you work with the platform, the more you can increase your earnings.

The minimum payment is a low $ 3and you can claim your earnings through PayPal, check, or gift card.

13. PandaResearch

Fill out Panda Research online surveys

Panda Research is another good choice on the list of surveys paid through PayPal. You have to qualify to take surveys and you can expect that Up to $ 3 per survey. There is also the option of a longer survey to earn up to $ 40, but these are rare.

Panda Research also offers other ways to make money. You can increase your earnings with email offers, third-party offers and discounts. You can also earn through the referral program and receive a percentage of your referral earnings with each payout.

14. Polls


Survey Voices is an online platform that connects you to surveys paid through PayPal. This is not a market research company like the typical survey page. They forward you to surveys and act as an aggregator.

You can register with your email address, address and telephone number. Survey Voices connects you with the best earning opportunities. The minimum payout varies by platform, but most offer PayPal as a redemption option.

15. Toluna

Get paid by completing Toluna surveys

Toluna has been around for 20 years and the platform has gained millions of members around the world. In addition to offering surveys paid through PayPal, members can also earn points, test products and take surveys.

There are also competitions where prizes can be won up to 1,000,000 points. You can also earn additional points by participating in the Toluna community.

You can also get 500 points for every friend you recommend who uses the platform, which will significantly increase your earnings.

16. Successful

Paid productive surveys

Prolific is a website where you can be paid to participate in research studies. Researchers need people to help them conduct university studies, and Prolific has done thousands of studies to date.

You can receive cash incentives through PayPal to help university teams find the opinions they need from the target audience. The minimum payout is a reasonable $ 5 and Prolific processes payments twice a week.

17. InstaGC

insta gc surveys

InstaGC is another GPT site that offers surveys paid through PayPal and gift cards. You get points for every survey you complete, and InstaGC even pays you one point in compensation for getting out of a survey.

You can also increase your income by doing other tasks, such as: B. Take part in offers, search the Internet, watch videos, visit websites, recommend friends and participate in trial versions.

Before you can redeem your earnings through PayPal, you must redeem $ 50 gift cards. After that date, however, the minimum payout is only $ 1.

18. Mindspay

How to know if Mindspay is a good thing

MindsPay rewards members for sharing their opinions about products and services. You can also earn rewards for reviewing products and participating in offers. After you join, you'll have access to a frequently updated database and email notifications. You can even increase your earnings by reading emails or cutting out coupons.

This is not only a great way to get access to surveys paid through PayPal, but also to get information about new products before they are generally available and get free product samples.

The The minimum payout is a fairly high $ 50However, you can earn up to $ 50 for a single paid offer, so it's not impossible to meet the withdrawal request. You can request a PayPal payment twice a month.

19. Branded Surveys

Brand surveys

Branded Surveys is an online platform that offers users rewards for participating in online surveys. The platform is open to residents of the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

You can earn up to 300 points for taking a survey once you get it 1,000 points or $ 10you can redeem your earnings via PayPal or gift cards.

Processing redemptions only takes two business days, so you don't have to wait for weeks to receive your reward.

20. i-Say

i-Say (IPSOS) survey page

i-Say works on the principle that your personal opinions can make a massive difference in the world. The platform has three million subscribers and you can earn rewards for providing your honest thoughts through online surveys.

You can earn points by taking surveys and completing surveys. There is also the possibility to win prizes with regular draws.

You can earn up to $ 1.50 per surveyand you even get 5 points if you sort out. You can also collect additional points with the loyalty program. For example, if you have completed 5 surveys, you will receive 25 loyalty points.

The minimum payout for a PayPal payment is 1,530 points or $ 15. However, it can take 3 to 4 weeks for you to arrive in your account.

21. LifePoints

LifePoints GET money for surveys

LifePoints is a community of people who share their opinions and views to influence big brand decisions. You can earn LifePoints by sharing your views on products, services, and experiences you have made while shopping or at a new local service.

Usually you get 20 to 100 points when you complete a task and as soon as you reach it 550 LifePoints or $ 5you can request a PayPal payment or a gift card.

22nd springboard America

maru survey page

Springboard America has been a leading survey panel since 2009, and members have the ability to influence global brands. For every survey you fill out, you will receive "Survey Dollars". As a rule, you receive 50 to 500 points. There are also rewards such as taking part in sweepstakes.

As soon as your account balance reaches 5,000 points, you can request one PayPal payment of $ 50 or Amazon gift card. You should expect your reward within a week.

23. Brand Institute

Brand institute

Brand Institute is a brand identity consultancy that specializes in medical topics, but also sends other surveys to its members. Medical surveys are paying off $ 5 to $ 30 each and take up to 40 minutes. Other surveys pay up to $ 5, which is far more than many other survey platforms.

The only possible downside is that while this is a great platform for surveys paid through PayPal, the processing time for payments is around a month. This is because payments are only issued after the survey is complete.

24. Straightforward surveys

Receive free gift cards for direct surveys

Forthright Surveys claims that it pays "better than any other website" and you can get it up to $ 5 depending on the length and the estimated time it takes to complete it. After joining the platform, Forthright will send email invitations to invite you to complete surveys. The email lists the study’s dollar value and some basic details.

After completing the study, you can log into your Forthright dashboard and request redemption of your rewards. There is no minimum balance, but you can earn money if you prefer. You should also be aware of this There is a $ 0.25 fee for redemptions under $ 10.

25. iSurvey World

Review of the iSurveyWorld survey page

iSurvey World may be one of the latest panels to offer surveys paid through PayPal. However, you can make money up to $ 2 per survey. However, what sets iSurvey World apart from other survey sites is that the platform does not normally sort out members after they start a survey. This means that you don't have to worry about wasting your time or feeling frustrated with the disqualification.

After you have accumulated a at least $ 25 You can redeem your credit on your account as a PayPal transfer. Unfortunately, iSurvey World can take several weeks or even a month to process your payment. So you have to be patient.

26. Mind Warms

Mindswarms Online Paid Surveys

Mindswarms has been around since 2008, but this market survey uses video surveys. Your dashboard shows opportunities that apply to your demographic data. There are several multiple choice questions that need to be requested for certain surveys. These are subjected to a review.

If successful, you will receive an answer within 24 hours and instructions on how to record answers to up to 7 questions. You have up to 60 seconds to answer each question. You will get up to $ 50 for each studyHowever, you can get $ 10 to answer just one question.

Your reward is available through PayPal and you will receive it within 24 hours of submitting your video survey.

27. Esearch

Search online surveys

Esearch is one of the oldest online survey panels since 1995. There are currently almost one million Esearch members that you can receive Up to $ 5 to complete each survey. You can also get entries into sweepstakes for additional cash prizes.

Another attractive feature of Esearch is that there is no minimum redemption, so you can quickly claim your earnings through PayPal.

28. Opinion outpost

External opinion polls online

Opinion Outpost is part of the Dynata group and has been around for over a decade. The platform will assign you appropriate surveys based on the information you provided when registering. You can earn points for every survey you complete.

With 100 points, you can request a PayPal payment of $ 10. However, Amazon gift cards are also available, or you can use your points to donate to the American Red Cross. You will usually receive your reward within 72 hours.


MobRog Online paid surveys

MOBROG has been around since 2011 and they support start-ups and international companies in market research.

You can earn up to $ 3 for each survey, and longer surveys tend to offer higher remuneration rates. After you've accumulated $ 6.25 In your MOBROG account you can redeem your earnings via PayPal or Skrill.


The goal of DollarBreak is to give readers the opportunity to make better financial decisions. This post may contain affiliate links from our partners who share the same vision. Disclosure.

If you're considering taking surveys as your next side appearance, you'll need to choose a legitimate platform.

In this OneOpinion reviewI will help you decide if this page is worth your time.

OneOpinion summary



OneOpinion is an invitation-based survey site that sends survey opportunities to your email, where you can earn up to $ 5 per survey. This limits the time it takes you to find survey opportunities and maximizes your earnings. Claim your earnings from $ 25 via PayPal or gift cards.


  • PayPal

  • Gift cards

  • Legit & safe
  • Pay Per Survey
  • Earning opportunities
  • Withdrawal process


  • Available for multiple people in your household
  • Mobile app available
  • 50 point bonus
  • Surveys pay up to $ 5


  • Minimum withdrawal of $ 25
  • Some users rarely receive invitations
  • Account lockout issues
  • High screen output rate

Is OneOpinion Legit?

OneOpinion is part of the Dynata group and was established in 2011. Although it does not have a BBB profile, the parent company holds one A + rating.

OneOpinion has an average reputation in the online community. There are OneOpinion review comments that highlight payment issues, complaints about non-receipt of payments, or difficulty in redeeming points. However, others praise how easy it is to earn and claim rewards.

How does OneOpinion work?

How does OneOpinion work?

OneOpinion conducts surveys for leading market research companies. Collecting consumer opinions is key to developing products and services. This allows OneOpinion members to influence how companies improve their brands and make important marketing decisions.

What is the OneOpinion registration process?

OneOpinion login process

It's quick and easy to sign up for OneOpinion. You can chat with the "Emily" bot or fill out the registration form manually. There are questions about your basic data. Once you've filled out the form, you should receive a confirmation email. As soon as you have confirmed the registration, you can start earning rewards.

The registration information includes your name, address and date of birth. You may also need to provide information about your hobbies and interests, lifestyle choices, health, political opinions, and products you own.

Although this information request may appear personal, the information is needed to match you with relevant surveys. The more OneOpinion knows about your preferences, geographic location and other demographic characteristics, the better it can offer suitable surveys.

OneOpinion is open to residents of the United States and the United Kingdom. Members can join from Age 13However, if you are under 18, you will need parental consent to become a member.

Here you can register for OneOpinion

How much are OneOpinion points worth?

OneOpinion operates a points system where each point is worth $ 0.001. This means that 1,000 OneOpnion points are worth $ 1

How much can you earn with OneOpinion online surveys?

OneOpinion Online Surveys withdrawals

As soon as a new survey is available, you will receive an invitation to the e-mail survey. It lists the topic of the survey, the points offered and the approximate time it takes to complete. Before you can participate, you will need to ask a few screener questions to confirm that you match the target audience.

The number of surveys you can participate in varies from day to day. OneOpinion aims to best coordinate you with open surveys. If there is no survey, you may receive a message asking you to try again the next day.

There are also surveys where the length and reward of the survey are different. These are partner surveys. You will still need to answer profiler questions and surveys will be offered based on your answers. The survey partner provides OneOpinion with the survey details and you will immediately receive a credit for the corresponding reward

Surveys pay off up to 5,000 points and can up to 30 minutes. If you sort out, you get 50 points in compensation. There are new surveys every week. However, whether you receive an invitation depends on your specific demographics.

You should be aware that if your account is inactive for 90 days, it will be set to inactive status. If there is no further activity for 180 days, your points will expire and your account will be removed.

What are the other ways to make money with OneOpinion?

Product test

You may receive an invitation to participate in product testing at regular intervals. This usually affects new products that are not yet on the market. This way of making money is usually not available to new members. However, if you participate regularly, you may receive an invitation at some point.

When testing products, new products are tried out at your home and then OneOpinion is informed about your experiences. You can earn up to $ 50 per product test.

How do I redeem points with OneOpinion?

How to redeem points with OneOpinion


The minimum redemption level is $ 25 or 25,000 points. You can choose to receive cash through PayPal. As a rule, you should receive your payment within a few days.

Gift cards

You can also redeem your earnings with a gift card. You can choose between e-gift cards and physical cards, the arrival of which takes only about a day. Physical cards will be sent to your home address by UPS, but this may take a while up to 10 days arrive. There is a selection of popular brands, including Amazon. The minimum redemption for a gift card is $ 25.

Before you can receive virtual rewards, you need to do an additional review. This includes answering some personal security questions about Experian. This is to prevent fraud and OneOpinion has no access to your answers to security questions.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of OneOpinion?


  • The OneOpinion website has a simple and practical layout. There's a full FAQ section and more information so you can easily find answers to all your questions.
  • Unlike many survey sites, OneOpinion recommends inviting other members of your household to join the platform. There is no restriction on how many members are at the same address. This also applies to young people who can join with the permission of their parents.
  • OneOpinion offers a 50-point bonus if you drop out of a survey to compensate for your time.
  • OneOpinion invites members to email them regardless of whether they just want to say hello or if they have a problem.


  • Some OneOpinion review comments highlight payment issues. Some users struggled to get survey points or redeem earnings.
  • Other OneOpinion review comments discuss account lockout issues. There seem to be a number of users whose accounts have been locked for no apparent reason.
  • As with most survey pages, there is a high probability that a survey will be excluded. Although there is 50 point compensation, this can be very frustrating.
  • Some users have rare invitations, but this is likely due to demographic changes.

Is OneOpinion worth it?

OneOpinion is certainly a legitimate company. It is part of the Dynata group and therefore has a solid legacy with a brand that has an A + BBB rating. Although there are some complaints, many OneOpinion review comments praise the level of service and frequency of surveys.

The minimum payout of $ 25 is a bit high. With consistent effort, however, it should be possible to make a withdrawal every one or two months. This makes it a decent option for those looking for a little money in their spare time.

However, if you want to replace full-time or stable income, this is not a good solution.


How do I contact OneOpinion customer service?

You can contact the OneOpinion team with any questions or suggestions via a toll-free number, an email or Facebook.

Can you complete OneOpinion surveys using the mobile app?

OneOpinion has a smartphone app that is available and provides access to additional surveys.


Last updated on July 13, 2020

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If you're looking for a side appearance, you may have thought about MobileXpression, but is this platform worth your time?

We help you make the decision MobileXpression verification.

MobileXpression summary



MobileXpression is part of the ComScore group and offers a reputable platform to make money in your free time. While surveys are only a small part of this platform, you can regularly earn $ 5 and $ 10 gift cards.


  • Worldwide

  • Legit & safe
  • Pay Per Survey
  • Earning opportunities
  • Withdrawal process


  • $ 5 bonus within a week
  • Do not deserve to do anything
  • Potential to win up to $ 100,000
  • Complete surveys using your mobile device


  • Privacy concerns
  • Not compatible with all devices
  • Runs in the background of your device
  • Account shutdown issues

Is MobileXpression Legit?

MobileXpression is a children's company from ComScore. This market research company has been around for decades and is a leader in online trends and behavior. While MobileXpression has no BBB profile, ComScore has an A + rating.

As part of the comScore group, MobileXpression has an outstanding legacy. There were features about the parent company in USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and other renowned publications.

This legacy means that potential members can be assured that the platform is legitimate and part of an established industry leader.

MobileXpression has a good reputation within the online community. Some MobileXpression review comments complain about customer service issues and payment delays. However, other users praise the potential for regular earnings.

How does MobileXpression work?

MobileXpression makes money by providing market research data so that companies can make informed decisions about their marketing strategies. The platform creates surveys according to customer requirements to collect the information they need for their specific campaign.

The company also aims to understand the behavior and patterns of mobile Internet usage. The MobileXpression team wants the participants to help shape the future of the Internet.

What is the MobileXpression registration process?

MobileXpression Sign in

The registration process for MobileXpression is slightly different from many other survey sites. The first step is to register a new account. You can click the "Join Now" button on the website and provide details about the phone you want to use to register your account.

To do this, you may need to go to your phone's settings to check the model details. If you are an iPhone user, you can check the back of your phone. You will also need to provide some personal information to complete your profile.

From this point on you will receive a text message from MobileXpression. Here you can find details on installing the software and checking your account. You must also confirm that you agree to the installation of the MobileXpression VPN on your device.

Since the registration process can be a bit complicated, MobileXpression will guide you through the steps. Make sure you follow all instructions, including changing your settings to get new data. After completing the setup, you must click Verify on the website to confirm that the software installation is complete.

MobileXpression is available to all users over the age of 18. You also need one current device that supports the app. You also need Internet access on your device. Be sure to check your WiFi settings. Otherwise, you can quickly use up your mobile data plan and charge additional fees.

MobileXpression accepts members in any country, but the majority of the members are in the United States.

You can register for MobileXpression here

How Much MobileXpression Points Are Worth?

The current point conversion works as follows $ 5 per 600 points for data collectionHowever, surveys show an amount of Ra dollars.

How much can you earn with MobileXpression online surveys?

How much can you earn with MobileXpression online surveys?

MobileXpression works a little differently than many survey panels. You use your mobile device mainly for surveys. This may take some getting used to.

As soon as surveys are available, they will appear on your dashboard. You may also receive an email notification, but MobileXpression typically sends notifications to your device through the app.

When you receive a survey invitation, you'll see the monetary reward you get when you fill it out. The surveys are mostly required to collect information that partner companies need. However, they usually only take a few minutes and can be deployed $ 0.50 or more for your time.

If you don't qualify for a survey, you'll get an instant notification so you don't waste time getting rewards.

What are the other ways to make money with MobileXpression?

Data collection

Although there are surveys you can use to make money in your free time, the main purpose of MobileXpression is to collect data. This part of the app is the best way to make money. All you have to do is leave the app installed on your device and collect information.

The app will run in the background Your device to collect Internet usage data. This is necessary for market research purposes. MobileXpression shares this information with companies in the mobile Internet industry to determine patterns and activities for the use of the mobile web by users.

MobileXpression takes your privacy seriously. This way you can be sure that the app does not access other phone activities such as text messages, contacts, calls and photos.

After installing and exiting the app New U.S. members who are active for at least a week will automatically receive an $ 5 Amazon gift card. In this way MobileXpression can collect enough data before a reward is issued.


There is also a weekly raffle. Members will be entered into the raffle for a variety of prizes, including iPads, kitchenware, and digital cameras. The app must be installed and working properly for users to be eligible for this weekly raffle.

New members receive an entry in a Contest worth $ 100,000 automatically. Each month a participant wins $ 100 and there is a chance to win $ 2,500, $ 5,000 or any other entry in the grand draw.

How do I redeem points with MobileXpression?

How to redeem points with MobileXpression

Gift cards

The only way to redeem your MobileXpression earnings is with gift cards. There is a list of gift card options, including Amazon, Dunkin Donuts, Home Depot, and other popular brands.

Gift cards are usually received quickly, but some comments on MobileXpression reviews have shown that it can take a few weeks for rewards to arrive.


After your account has been active for 90 days, MobileXpression donates a tree to Trees for the Future through the Trees for Knowledge program.

After these first 90 days, MobileXpression donates a tree every month in which your account remains active.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of MobileXpression?


  • One week after you register, you'll receive an Amazon gift card worth $ 5. This applies to users in the United States, and rewards for residents of other countries vary.
  • You'll get rewards if you just leave the app installed and run it on your device.
  • It is possible to win cash prizes with competitions.
  • MobileXpression donates trees to Trees for the Future if you keep your account active.
  • You can easily conduct surveys on your mobile device so you don't have to use your computer.


  • The app is always running in the background, so your data may be used up and the battery may be discharged.
  • Some comments regarding the review of MobileXpression indicated that there may be privacy concerns regarding the app and data collection.
  • In some comments regarding MobileXpression review, account closings were reported without notice.
  • Not every device can run this app, so you need to check if your app is compatible.

Is MobileXpression worth it?

Is MobileXpression worth it?

MobileXpression is a legitimate platform with a parent company that has decades of industry experience and a solid reputation. However, this platform is primarily a data collection app with some surveys to supplement your earnings.

This is a great way to make a little money just by running the app on your device. However, if you have privacy concerns and concerns about sharing your information, this is not the platform for you.

There is the Potential to earn a $ 5 gift card every few weeks, which makes it a decent side appearance for those who want to make a little money in their free time. Unfortunately, there is limited earning potential. So if you are looking for a serious income, you have to look elsewhere.


How do I contact MobileXpression customer service?

There is a full FAQ page on the website. However, you can also access customer support via email or the contact form.

Is MobileXpression Free?


Can you complete MobileXpression surveys with the Mobile App?



The goal of DollarBreak is to give readers the opportunity to make better financial decisions. This post may contain affiliate links from our partners who share the same vision. Disclosure.

If you want to make a side appearance by completing surveys, you need to choose a legitimate platform.

In this Pureprofile test, I will examine this platform to help you decide whether your time is worth it.

Pureprofile summary



Pureprofile is a legitimate platform that offers a variety of tasks to earn up to $ 20 a month in your free time. You can also redeem your earnings on the platform using gift cards or PayPal.

  • Legit & safe
  • Pay Per Survey
  • Earning opportunities
  • Withdrawal process


  • Easy to use platform
  • Variety of tasks to collect points
  • Mobile app available
  • Good customer care


  • It takes 30 days to process payments
  • Minimum withdrawal of $ 20
  • Requires unpaid work to qualify for surveys
  • A maximum of $ 50 redemption in 60 days

Is Pureprofile Legit?

Pureprofile was two decades old at the time, making it one of the oldest surveys. The Australian-based company has more than one million members worldwide and is growing steadily.

Some of the most dedicated Pureprofile users have been with the company since its inception. Although BBB Pureprofile is not accredited, the company has one A + rating on this platform.

Some users have complained about the difficulty in setting the minimum payout threshold and the lack of surveys. However, it is important to note that this is a common criticism in the survey respondent community.

Every company tends to get similar criticism. Many users praise Pureprofile for its easy way to make money and its clean and clear interface.

How does Pureprofile work?

How does Pureprofile work?

Pureprofile connects brands with their user base of global consumers to help them find honest feedback about their products and services. Every modern company is interested in how people perceive and use their products.

Pureprofile collects opinions in the form of surveys that can be carried out quickly and easily. This data helps to formulate marketing campaigns, develop new and relevant products and make future decisions.

This company is a leader in generating customer contacts and has recently taken over the cohort group. The company focuses on providing marketing solutions for more than 700 well-known global brands, including AA Smart Fuel and Hoyts Cinemas. During this review of Pureprofile, I found that the company has paid millions to its users over the past 14 years.

What is the Pureprofile registration process?

Pureprofile registration process

Creating your Pureprofile account is easy. Enter your name, email address and country of residence and set up a unique password. After completing the registration process, you will receive a confirmation link to your specified email address.

Just click the link to verify who you are and go to the Pureprofile website. If the email is not displayed, check the spam filter. If the email is there, add Pureprofile to your Safe Senders list in your email settings.

An alternative way to join Pureprofile is your Facebook or Twitter account. Most of your information is automatically filled in on the form. The more complete your profile becomes, the more valuable it is for marketers, and the algorithm learns more about your interests.

This helps Pureprofile to provide you with surveys that are of interest to you. Pureprofile accepts new members from pretty much anywhere in the world, but they have to be over 13 years old take part.

Here you can register for Pureprofile

How much Pureprofile points are worth?

Pureprofile does not use a point bonus system. All transactions and payments to your accounts are made in dollars.

In this way, you can easily track what a survey is worth to you and how much you need to earn to reach the minimum payout threshold.

How much can you earn with online surveys only?

A Pureprofile survey corresponds to the information in your profile. The company cannot promise to complete a certain number of surveys per week. However, if you want more opportunities to take surveys, create a full profile.

Sometimes you are excluded from a survey after starting because you cannot reach the target group.

During this review of Pureprofile, I found that, unlike many other platforms that use surveys, the company issues a token reward as a reward.

Each Pureprofile takes 6-40 minutes and you will you will earn $ 0.40 – $ 8.20. The completion time and dollar value vary depending on the complexity of the survey. New surveys are available every week. However, the qualification depends on your demographic group. This can limit your options.

During this review of Pureprofile, I found that I had earned around $ 70 in two months. That was with a full profile, and I tried very hard to ensure that I made the most of every opportunity.

Occasional users may do half this number or take twice as long to reach this level, but you have a general idea of ​​it.

What are the other ways to make money with Pureprofile?

to invite friends

If you refer friends and family to Pureprofile, the user is earned $ 2 per person when they complete two campaigns. At least one of these campaigns must be completed within 30 days of the membership date.

Paid offers

Pureprofile refer to this as "content". Essentially, you need to watch small videos or you may have to visit a website and give your opinion. This varies a lot depending on the country you live in, but these micro-tasks can be very lucrative.

Pay attention to your Pureprofile account. Sometimes you will find competitions or other GPT (Get Pay to) tasks. Some of these tasks are unpaid. They are another way to fill in your profile information, and others have prizes that you can win.


Many Pureprofile members share similar attributes and interests and can be grouped together. There are many types of groups, including "Owns a Dog" and my personal favorite "Don & # 39; t Eat Cereal".

Groups are a great way for certain brands to connect directly to users whose content may be relevant. If you belong to the right groups, you will get more earning opportunities. Therefore it makes sense to fill out your profile.

How do I redeem points with Pureprofile?

How to redeem points with Pureprofile


The minimum payout threshold is $ 20. You should be able to reach this number in about a month.

But there is a downside. Once you've requested your earnings, it will take 30 business days to process your request.

This situation is worse if you live in certain countries where there are fewer opportunities for polling. Some people may wait months before they can earn enough to even cash out.

Gift cards

The minimum payout for a Pureprofile award card is still $ 20 (US, Aus, Nz) or £ 20 (UK). If possible, larger amounts are available that are issued as e-vouchers.

This is a quicker way to get your earnings than Paypal, but redemption cannot exceed $ 50 within 60 days. You can use the gift cards in various places, including KMart, JB Hifi, Dan Murphys, iTunes and many others.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Pureprofile?


  • The Pureprofile platform is elegant, simple and user-friendly
  • The surveys are on request. Simply visit your account and see what's on offer
  • There are many different types of tasks to keep things interesting
  • It's still a rarity to find a survey page that pays off in cash, and Pureprofile should be recommended for this option


  • The minimum payout threshold is quite high and it can take a long time to get your money
  • Profile surveys improve your earning potential, but they are unpaid work
  • Earning opportunities are limited in many countries

Is Pureprofile worthwhile?

This Pureprofile assessment is proof that the company is legitimate and a practical side presence for many people. Obviously, this won't replace full-time income, but joining this and other survey sites can lead to decent part-time income for many people.

It can take a while for you to get paid. However, if you choose the gift card option, you can get your earnings faster.


How do I contact Pureprofile customer service?

You can contact Pureprofile via the usual social media platforms. There is also a contact form on the website and a very extensive FAQ section.

Is Pureprofile free?

Pureprofile can join and be used for free.

Can you complete profile surveys with the mobile app?

Pureprofile has an app for Android and iOS users.


The goal of DollarBreak is to give readers the opportunity to make better financial decisions. This post may contain affiliate links from our partners who share the same vision. Disclosure.

Google is a household name, but can you really make money with the Opinion Rewards app?

In this Google Opinions Rewards report, I'm going to examine this app to find out if your time is worth it.

Summary of the Google Opinion Rewards



Google Opinion Rewards is a reward-based program developed by Google. They send you short and relevant surveys once a week. You will receive up to $ 1.00 in game credits for completing each survey.



  • Load game

  • Legit & safe
  • Pay Per Survey
  • Earning opportunities
  • Withdrawal process


  • Legitimate company with a global reputation
  • Available for Android and Apple users
  • Easy to navigate app
  • Surveys are easy to do


  • Limited to 1 or 2 surveys per week
  • No referral program
  • The game balance may expire
  • Mobile app only

Is Google Opinion Rewards legitimate?

Everyone in the world has heard of Google. They are the largest technology company in the world and have hosted a number of Internet services over the years.

As early as 2012, Google published the Google Opinion Rewards app, which is used to reward people for taking short surveys. At the time of this review by Google Opinion Rewards The app had over 10 million downloads and a good reputation with the online survey community.

The main complaint seems to be a lack of available surveys, but this is by no means limited to Google. Many users like to use Google Opinion Rewards and receive free content from the Google Play Store as a reward for expressing their opinion.

How do Google Opinion Rewards work?

In our competitive world, every company is looking for an advantage that makes it more relevant and profitable. For this reason, all organizations, companies and industries are interested in the opinions of potential consumers.

Google works with other groups who want customer feedback about their products and services. They offer short surveys about Google Opinion Rewards. The answers help these companies make important decisions.

The Google Opinion Rewards app works with many well-known brands, including Lowes, Ikea, Chilis and many others. Users are rewarded for their efforts with cash or Google Play credit.

What is the Google Opinion Rewards sign up process?

Google Opinion Rewards Sign in

Simply download the Google Opinion Rewards app and link it to your Google payment profile. This ensures that the Google Play balance reaches your account.

Then fill out the introductory survey. The demographic questions help the system to find surveys that are interesting and relevant to you.

After this process you will receive a notification to complete your first paid survey. A confirmation page will then appear. Here you can see how your first credit is applied to the Google payment profile.

All Google Opinion Rewards must be over 18 to joinThe app is available in 26 countries, including the United States, Germany, France, Sweden, Brazil and many other countries.

You can sign up for Google Opinion Rewards here

How Much Google Opinion Rewards Points Are Worth?

The Google Opinion Rewards app pays in Google Play credit or a dollar amount. Apple users see dollar amounts because they are not eligible for Google Play credit.

How much can you earn with Google Opinion Rewards online surveys?

How much can you earn with Google Opinion Rewards online surveys?

When you turn on location settings on your device, you’ll receive more surveys about Google Opinion Rewards. To improve your chances of participating brands, visit their stores and you may get surveys from them.

When taking a survey, try to be honest and open with your opinions. When reviewing Google Opinion Rewards, I found that the company has impressive algorithms to detect lies in surveys.

Sometimes you get random questions that only serve to judge honesty. If you lie, you will be excluded from this and other surveys on the Google platform.

Most users receive Google Opinion Rewards 1-2 surveys per weekand you will receive a notification sent directly to your phone. Each survey typically takes less than 5 minutes. You could earn $ 0.50 – $ 1 for every survey you fill out.

New surveys are created every week, but availability depends on your demographic group. You will see questions on a variety of topics, such as: B. Hotel ratings, opinion polls, product satisfaction and many others.

What are the other ways to make money with Google Opinion Rewards?


You may receive an invitation to provide feedback on the Google Opinion Rewards app. Feedback may also be required for a particular survey that you recently participated in.

When you go to the app homepage, find and click the "Feedback" button in the top left corner. You can find these options. Google uses this data to improve the app and the quality of the surveys presented to users. This is not a way to request more surveys, but it does help highlight issues and you can request new app features.

In addition to participating in surveys, you can also send feedback about the app or a specific survey. Tap the menu button in the top left corner of the app's homepage and click "Feedback".

Google takes this feedback into account when making changes and improvements to the app. While you may not get an answer for every feedback you send, Google recommends that you include issues or request new features.

Audience Measurement Panel

Occasionally, Google Opinion Rewards will set up an “Audience Measurement Panel” where volunteers will be invited to share their social media habits.

Volunteers must use their Internet services with an installed "Screenwise Meter". In this way, Google can learn more about its users for research purposes in order to improve their products and services.

Each of these studies typically has a small number of volunteers, who are selected based on their demographic, location, household, and other key factors.

In some cases, a study can involve thousands of people if the population is large enough and more data is required.

Participation in an audience measurement panel is a good opportunity to earn money. It is attractive if you already spend a lot of time on the Internet or on television.

Frequent volunteers can earn more rewards when Google collects data about your viewing habits, cookies, IP addresses, and more. Google then knows the website you visit, your favorite programs, how often you access the Internet, and how long your online sessions last.

By participating in an audience measurement panel, you can redeem the points earned at 100 times the price of a single dollar.

Although this option wasn't available during my review of Google Opinion Rewards, it was praised by many app users.

How do I redeem points with Google Opinion Rewards?

How to redeem points with Google Opinion Rewards

Google Play balance

On the home screen of the app, you can tap the "Spend Game Credit" button. This function can be accessed in the Google Store. You can choose content rewards, including games, books, movies, music, or anything else you can find on the Google Play Store.

All credits earned expire after one year. Be sure to use them. The payout threshold is a modest $ 2.


If you connect your PayPal account to your Google Opinion Rewards account, you can get cash instead. The minimum payout is still $ 2 and will be automatically transferred to your PayPal account.

Just make sure your Google Opinion Rewards and PayPal accounts have the same email address. If the email addresses are different, the payment process slows down considerably. The arrival can take up to 30 days. Payment notifications will be sent to your primary email address.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Google Opinion Rewards?


  • Google is a recognized and legitimate company
  • The Google Opinion Rewards app may be available in several countries
  • The surveys are short and easy to complete. There are no long questions about pre-qualification to be answered
  • The Google Opinion Rewards app is available on Android and iOS devices
  • The app is chic and easy to navigate


  • In most cases, the options for taking surveys are limited to 1-2 per week
  • Comments on reviewing Google Opinion Rewards have complaints that there is no referral program
  • You have to respond within 24 hours, otherwise you will lose the opportunity to take a survey.
  • You also need to make sure that you use your gaming balance in a year, otherwise it will expire.

Is Google Opinion Rewards worth it?

Many people like this app because the surveys are short and to the point, and you will get a notification when they are available. So you don't have to go through a website one or more times a day to see if surveys are available, unlike other platforms where surveys are conducted.

The only real downside is that you have to complete a survey within 24 hours, otherwise it will expire. Being able to join a Google Opinion Rewards Audience Measurement Panel is another way to make money by simply surfing the web.

Of course, Google Opinion Rewards won't replace full-time earnings, but it's an interesting side-view for those who have some time.


How do I contact Google Opinion Rewards customer service?

The app has an extensive knowledge base in which most problems can be solved and a contact form for other questions.

Is Google Opinion Rewards Free?

Yes, the Google Opinion Rewards app is free to download and use.

Can you complete Google Opinion Rewards surveys using the mobile app?

Both Android and iOS users can download the Google Opinion Rewards app. However, only Android users can earn Google Play credit, and iOS users must choose cash rewards instead.